What We Do

Our long-standing experience using creative multimedia for change combines high quality production, participatory approaches to facilitate people telling their own stories, sound knowledge of global development issues, and training to maximise impact.


CMFD records, edits & produces: Serial radio dramas, radio documentaries, magazine programmes, audio stories.


Our music for social change combines lively, danceable sounds with hard-hitting lyrics that connect with hearts and minds.

Publications & Editorial

Editorial services, materials development, and content support for organisations, especially related to human rights, gender, and health issues.


For media, journalists, and communities - radio & audio, newswriting, reporting on issues such as gender, human rights, disaster risk, migration, etc.

Videos & Digital Stories

Visual storytelling through images and videography put a human face on impact and experiences, ideal for today’s digital world.

Strategic Communication

CMFD consults with organisations to draft clear, thoughtful, people-centred communications strategies.