Radio & Audio Productions

High production quality and entertaining stories are combined with thoughtful and planned social messaging.

Through CMFD’s radio dramas, audiences have experienced a magical quest for a better world, the terror of rising floodwaters, the terrible explosion of a landmine, fears of a missing daughter sold to human traffickers, and even a little of what it is like for a man to live in a women’s body – all with we-researched social messaging. Our documentaries tackle some of today’s pressing issues, and PSAs offer short form awareness across a range of issues.

Through compelling stories and carefully woven messages, diverse issues – good governance, disaster risk awareness, landmines, human trafficking, gender and women’s rights – are addressed in a way that drives messages home to listening audiences.

Related Projects

Billi Now Now_CMFD Productions

Billi Now Now Music & Drama

Billi Now Now is all about youth - their stories, issues and voices. CMFD is producing music, radio drama, and a social media campaign around youth sexual and reproductive health and rights in West Africa.

French (West Africa, 2023; Planned Parenthood)

Staying Safe at Home

Staying Safe at Home PSAs

Radio PSAs produced for community radio broadcast to raise awareness and dialogue around intimate partner violence and the Covid-19 pandemic.

English, IsiZulu, Xhosa (South Africa, 2021; Sonke Gender Justice).

Youth on resourcing audio stories

Youth on resourcing audio stories

Accompanied publication “Resourcing youth-led groups & movements,” to highlight youth and donors’ experiences resourcing youth activism. Audio stories gave voice to 7 youth experiences featured in the book, for social media and embedding in the online publication.

English, French, Spanish (Global, 2020; CIVICUS)

Gender and Covid-19 audio stories

Gender and Covid-19 audio stories

12-part audio series capturing the voices and perspectives of activists across Southern Africa on Covid-19’s impact on GBV, child marriage, economic equality, governance, HIV/ AIDs, maternal health, menstrual health, etc.

English (Southern Africa, 2020; Gender Links).

Safe Ride Radio Drama

Safe Ride! Radio Drama

Diverse characters come together at the Ulwazi taxi rank in this 5-episode drama highlighting sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the public taxi industry, designed to make public transport safer for everyone.

English, IsiZulu, Sesotho, IsiXhosa. (South Africa, 2018; Sonke Gender Justice).

Txivirika Speaking of SRH

Txivirika: Speaking of the Rights of Sexual and Reproductive Health

This 6-part radio series supported change agents' work to communicate sexual reproductive health rights in communities in schools.

Portuguese, Changaan (Mozambique, 2018; International Organisation for Migration Mozambique).

Mozambique Flood Recovery

Mozambique Flood Recovery programme

Series of projects to build capacity of community radio stations in the Gaza province to produce programming around reducing disaster risks: radio programming, training, and materials production.

Portuguese (Mozambique, 2014 – 2017; International Organisation for Migration Mozambique)

Thuthuzeleka Radio Drama

Thuthuzeleka Radio Drama

Intrepid Detective Busi Ncube goes deep undercover in this 13-part series, accompanied by training for radio presenters, promoting care for survivors of sexual assault and access to South Africa's Thuthuzela Care Centres.

English, Zulu, Sotho, Venda, IsiXhosa, Afrikaans, Sepedi and Xitsonga (South Africa, 2015 – 2017; Sonke Gender Justice.)

Crossroads Radio Drama

Crossroads Radio Drama series

Hilarious encounters and eye-opening perspectives happen when a corrupt policeman and woman market trader switch bodies in this 6-part drama tackling gender and rights, while popularising the African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women.

English, KiSwahili, Portuguese, French, isiZulu (South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Senegal, 2008 – 2014; FAHAMU, FEMNET, POWA)

Learn to Read_CMFD Productions

Let’s Read! Children’s Radio

15-part children’s radio programme encouraging love for reading, each episode links to children’s books used for school-based Aprender a Ler [Learn to Read] lessons, with interviews (educators, children, parents) vox pops, a mini-drama, and storybook reading.

Portuguese, Changaan (Mozambique, 2014; World Education

Feeding Hungry Cities

Feeding Hungry Cities: Southern Africa Speaks on Food Security

Ten-part radio documentary series, 15-minute standalone drama, original theme music and presenters guide chronicling the complex issues of how cities in Southern Africa feed themselves.

English, Portuguese, Zulu, Xhosa, Nyanja, Shona (Southern Africa, 2013-2014, Africa Food Security Urban Network)

Mahlabathe Speaks

Mahlabathe Speaks

City-girl Lerato finds herself in the middle of a rural village in this 13- part drama highlighting intersections between HIV/AIDS and GBV in a way that is entertaining and understandable to the mostly rural target audiences.

English, Isizulu, Isixhosa. Sesotho (South Africa, 2012; People Opposing Woman Abuse)

Breaking Borders

Breaking Borders Audio Stories

These compelling radio stories brought together young South African community radio journalists and both internal and external migrants to chronicle often unheard stories of migration to Johannesburg.

English (Pan-African, 2011, FAHAMU Networks for Social Justice, Open Society Foundation (OSF)


Risk and Resilience Through Media

Communication is vital at all stages of emergencies and disasters. CMFD produced toolkit comprising 6-part radio drama, original theme music, PSAs, and discussion guides for schools, organisations and radio stations to build disaster risk preparedness.

English, Marshallese (Marshall Islands, 2016; International Organisation for Migration FSM)

Madjuba Radio Drama

Madjuba: Quest for the Talisman

A tale of adventure and fantasy, through the hero Chamwari's quest, a village realises they too can speak up, make change, and hold the government accountable. This 13-part radio drama spotlights democracy, human rights, civic participation, transparency, right to information and freedom of expression.

Portuguese, Changaan, and Sena (Mozambique, 2010-2011; UNESCO)

Bravos Do Zambeze

Bravos do Zambeze: Disaster Risk in Mozambique

Combined 26-episode radio drama, community radio training, multi-module training manual, and materials to reduce flood-related disaster risk and build local capacity for reporting on disasters and climate change.

Portuguese, Changaan, Sena (Mozambique, 2010-2012; International Organisation for Migration.)


Together We Can End Human Trafficking Radio Spots

In anticipation of potential increased human trafficking risk during South Africa’s FIFA World Cup 2010, series of awareness-raising PSAs depicts reality-based trafficking scenarios.

English, Isizulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans, Siswati, Shona, Changaana, Portuguese, Chichewa, Nyanja, French and Setswana (Southern Africa, Gender Links, Red Light Campaign, NCRF, IOM and Oxfam GB)


Villa Pisa Bem

As part of ongoing initiatives to deal with long-term impact of landmines on communites, this 6-episode serial radio drama raises awareness and encourages continued dialogue.

Portuguese, Shangaan, Makhua, Sena (Mozambique, 2009; World Without Mines)


Dealers/ Troco: Human Trafficking Radio Drama

CMFD produced a 13-part serial radio drama for Mozambique (about human trafficking and related migration issues.

Portuguese, English (Mozambique, Zambia, 2008; International Organization for Migration.