Strategic Communication

Strategic communications is all about communicating the best message, through the correct channels, to the right people, at the right time and using feedback and analytics to stay on track to achieving defined goals, adjusting along the way as needed.

Communications strategy does not need to be overly complex but provides a clear roadmap to achieve impact. This means outlining the objectives, key principles, target audiences, messages, and ways of working, such as tactics and channels. Yet, it also means finding the stand-out inspirations that will grab attention and truly connect with people.

CMFD Productions has extensive strategic communications experience, working with NGOs, UN agencies, civil society, government, communities and media. We communicate to contribute to change – whether it’s better access to information, improved knowledge and skills, shifting attitudes, advocacy or behaviour and social change.

Great stories are a powerful way to connect with people around human rights and health issues. By centring communications strategy in compelling, human stories – who they are, their concerns, struggles, achievements – we ensure relevant messages and people-focussed content. While data, facts, and information are all essential parts of strategic communications approcahes, human stories are what connects with people.

Strategy for impact

All CMFD Productions communications projects and productions are driven by change objectives. This means identifying specific communications goals, conducting formative research to understand audiences, and working collaboratively to develop carefully crafted messages, which are then turned into compelling and entertaining productions.

NGO Communications workshop

In workshop-style settings, we have supported NGOS working on rights and health to think though and improve strategic communications approaches, content planning, and media relationships.

Radio station strategic planning

Radio, especially community radio, continues to be an important channel for reaching communities - catering especially in Africa. CMFD has worked with radio stations around strategic operational planning (mission and objectives, SWOT, market analysis, resource allocation), technical assessments, and strategic programme approaches.

Mozambique Diaspora Communications Strategy

With IOM and the National Institute for the Mozambican Communities in the Exterior (INACE), we produced a comprehensive communication strategy and kick-off toolkit – with social media and a new Facebook page – to engage the Mozambican diaspora on issues of social, economic, cultural and political development.