Capacity & Training

Communications and media are critical to most organisations and programmes working for change. Yet required skills constantly evolve and even professional communicators, media, and journalists benefit from specialised knowledge refreshers. CMFD Productions designs and delivers practically focussed communications and media capacity building.

Using tailored approaches, we’ve worked with NGOs, civil society, UN agencies, community radios, journalists, government, and community groups, building capacity around a broad range of technical skills and thematic knowledge. We’re flexible about formats and methodologies, developing sessions to suit requirements – but always incorporate practical, hands-on activities to put learning into practice. Capacity building can take place as part of our ongoing communications projects and as stand-alone activities. Our most practiced format is a 3 – 5-day workshop resulting in produced radio, written content, or digital stories.


Almost 100 workshops (3-5 day) designed & delivered


English & Portuguese (others available)


Existing set of adaptable training agendas & materials

Many of our capacity building initiatives combine technical how-to with thematic knowledge, including elements of the following:

  • Radio programming & production: broadcasting basic/ refresher (interviewing, writing for radio, etc), production techniques, hosting interactive discussions, studio evaluation.
  • Radio production formats: features, magazines, PSAs, drama
  • Reporting on: gender and women’s rights, reducing disaster risk, governance and elections, civic engagement and local issues, voter education, migration and xenophobia, water and sanitation.
  • Print media: articles & feature stories, writing opinion and commentary.
  • Political/ community leaders: training for spokespeople, election communication and media.
  • Communications & Media for NGOs: Media engagement, editorial and content planning, creating a go-to toolbox, digital content, social media, storytelling.
  • Strategy and planning: radio station strategic planning, editorial and content planning, developing editorial guidelines.