About Us

CMFD Productions has over 20 years’ experience working with NGOs, civil society, international agencies, media, and communities across Africa developing strategic communications, content production, and communications capacity around issues such as human rights, gender & women’s rights, food security, health, migration, etc.

Access and equality – to information, services, decision-making – is at the centre of all CMFD’s work.

Along with producing great content, CMFD has extensive coordination and partnership experience, successfully delivering social change projects/ activities (conceptualisation, implementation, reporting), generally including multiple partners, donors and 50-100 translators, musicians, actors, and/or journalists.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Stories shape content that is real, relevant and connect with audiences.

We’re passionate about listening to, and working with people to give voice to their experience.

We’ve worked with migrants to tell their stories through drama and radio documentaries, rural women to produce radio stories, landmine survivors to tell digital stories, documented case studies for a safer spaces online platform, interviewed countless people working with NGO programmes as part of radio & video productions, and over a 5-year period hundreds of survivors of gender violence to write their “I” Stories.

But stories can also be used to inform fiction, to make sure the right information is being shared and ensure that characters and storylines are true to life.